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Bone Density: Do I Need to Worry?

After menopause, bone density in women can deteriorate. But do you need to worry about bone density now, if you are in your 30s? 20s? Late 40s?

An interview with Dr. Robert Wermers, an endocrinologist with the Mayo Clinic indicates yes, our bones are at their peak in our 30s, but a, "...natural decline in bones and muscle," over time and natural aging, can lead to problems with bone density.


At a women's strength training gym, a decline in muscle is improbable! Come to the gym over 2 days per week, and you will at least maintain your muscle. More than 3 days per week, and you will probably see gains.

The next best way to ensure your bone health is to consume calcium-rich foods in your diet, which might include:

  • raw spinach, kale, or collard greens

  • chia seeds (or other seeds)

  • yogurt

  • beans and lentils

  • almonds

  • whey protein

  • tofu

  • figs

  • cow or goat milk

Sounds like a protein shake blended with spinach, a bit of yogurt, and chia seeds is on the menu!

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