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Nutrient Dense Foods

We go to the gym for many reasons: to get fit, to feel stronger, to BE stronger, to fight cancer, to rehabilitate our bodies, to make friends, to be able to back squat our body weight, and there are probably more reasons.

For the "get fit and be stronger" portion, it's good to consider what you are eating. This message is not a "go on a diet" message.

This message is NOT a "go on a diet" message.

Yes, I said it twice.

Today's message is simply about nutrient-dense foods, and considering adding some of them to your current food plan, in order to to increase nutrition. Feeding our bodies enough nutrients is key to muscle and strength building, as well as increasing stamina for workouts, lifelong health, and maintaining wellness. Consider adding the following foods into your meal planning this week, and see what happens:

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