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Practicing Gratitude

The action of sitting and considering all that is good in your life, can change your life for the better. Practicing gratitude can help your outlook when life is making you weary. Sometimes it is difficult to find the good, so when that happens, I encourage you to save this email and look at this list, as needed. Read it as if it is happening in real time--this convinces your brain that it IS happening.

Say the items on this list you are grateful for, out loud, each day of November, and see if your outlook on life shifts toward the good.

I am grateful for:

  • my health: I can stand, I can walk, I can see, I can lift heavy things, I can get up off the floor, I can breathe, I can hear the birds sing

  • my home: I have a door that locks, I have a washer and dryer right inside my house, I have a warm bed with blankets, I have access to entertainment

  • my food: I have fresh vegetables, kept fresh by a refrigerator, I have enough food to last the week, I have food that maintains my good health, I have protein

  • my friends: I have friends around me and communicate with them every day, I have friends around the country, I have friends around the world

  • my family: I have family members who love and support me, I have created a family for myself

Create your own list if this one isn't long enough, and then look at just how long it is!

Your life is amazing.

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