The Importance of Good Routine

We all know about the health benefits of daily activity, but what about during a pandemic?

Now more than ever, it is important to find a routine along with some sense of control over your own environment. It has been reported that daily strength training can help reduce symptoms of additional anxiety for people with or without an anxiety disorder (Article Here). Sound familiar? You're not alone. Now let's reiterate all of the positive benefits that daily activity does for your body:

  • Strength training is linked to relieving stress #duh

  • Improved sleep #alsogreat

  • Moderate-to-physical activity is linked to the reduction in substance abuse. aka - that extra glass of wine every night during this pandemic. #whohasnt?

  • Don't forget - substance abuse is also linked to weakening your immune for thought. or should we say wine for thought?

  • Boosts your overall mood 

  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment in a world where things seem to be at a dead stop #amensista

So what's holding you back? If you feel unsafe about getting in the gym right now, find some weights around the house and stay active! Do this for yourself, your mental health, and your loved ones. Everyone wins. Feel free to follow along to 40+ at home workouts recorded HERE

Interested in joining one of our classes? 

We're hosting up to 5 athletes per 1-hour class. Everyone receives a 20ft square of clean space throughout the hour while every piece of equipment is sanitized between groups. We're in it to keep you safe and keep these doors open - masks are required. 

Want to lift but don't want to be around people? 

Try out our unlimited open gym pass from 5 am - 10 pm daily! Respond to this email for more detail or check out our membership link below. 

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Keep an eye out for our next group hike!

Last weekend we took on St. Mary's Glacier. We'll post about our next one soon!

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