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Women's Powerlifting Competition!
*open to the public*

Join us for a women's only Powerlifting meet on May 13th, 2023! In this event, we are focused on lifting heavy sh*t, surrounding ourselves with badass women, and taking the stress away from a sanctioned meet. 

This event will be completed in POUNDS, not Kilo's. 


Style: RAW (approved belts, wrist wraps, & knee sleeves - no singlet required)

BONUS: You do not have to register for any type of annual membership to compete in this event. All you need to do is show up after registration. #winning

We will have (3) divisions and multiple weight classes in the Open and Masters division:
Juniors (12 yrs - 20 yrs)
Open (21 yrs - 39 yrs)
Masters (40 yrs +) 

Registration = $75

Book Your Spot Today!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Event Details

Weight Classes For Open & Masters Division:
A. < 125# 
B. 126# - 145#
C. 146# - 170# 
D. 171# - 195# 

E. 196# >


Meet Day:
7:30 am - Doors open and E
quipment check begins
8:00 am to 9:30 am - Weigh ins
​9:30 am - Rules Briefing
10:00 am - Competitions Starts (projected to end at 2:00 pm)

Equipment allowed:
Neoprene knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, lifting shoes

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