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Your Daily Cardio

Lifting heavy weights has great benefits for the body: increased muscle, increased bone density, a general feeling of wellness, and the ability to carry all of your groceries into the house in one go.

At our gym workouts, there is always some sort of cardio portion. But what about your days away from the gym? Should you be doing some form of cardio every day? Is it helpful? Harmful?

In short, it's helpful for your overall fitness, and you should be doing it. 30 minutes of cardio daily has great heart health and increased cardio function benefits, without wearing you out. As long as you aren't wearing yourself out, your sleep is full and restful, and it feels good, then you should be doing some sort of cardio every day.

It doesn't have to be intense, either. Taking your dog on a brisk walk can give your muscles a chance to rest from lifting, while still increasing your heart rate. If it doesn't go as high as when you are at the gym, that's okay. It's your rest day. If you are very fit, then a 1-mile jog should do the trick. Or, a few miles, and push it a bit--it's up to you. Judge your own level of what counts for cardio, and do that.

Rest doesn't necessarily mean doing absolutely nothing. Keeping blood flowing can help with alleviating muscle soreness, while keeping your cardiovascular system fit.

What's your favorite rest day cardio?

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