5 Ways To Get Your Unmotivated A** To The Gym

Just get here.

You know you feel so much better when you do. Sweating it out is real--it gets rid of stress and works out difficult emotions and gets your heart pumping and YEAH! Right? What’s that?

Oh, you aren’t motivated to go. You just don’t feel like it. You just can’t. And you’ve got that laundry, and those errands and all that binge-watching to do.

::side eye::

Nope, I’m not listening to this! And neither are you--you KNOW you need to come to the gym. I’m not here to scold you, I’m here to help. Sometimes setting up a simple system will help you get out the door and on your way to a workout.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your A** to the Gym

Pack your bag. Pack your gym bag with all of your clothes and shoes the night before, and hang it on the doorknob, so you will trip over it when leaving the house for work.

Text a gym friend and TELL THEM when you will be going to the gym. Don’t ask if they want to go. Just let them know.

Schedule your workouts on your phone calendar for the week. Put two alerts on each item: a 2-hour alert and a 30-minute alert.

Make skivvy rolls of your workout clothes, weekly. Layout your shirt flat on the bed. In the middle of it, put your folded bra, folded pants, underwear, and socks. Fold up the bottom, then the sides, and fold down the top of the shirt, and there you have it--your clothes are ready. Do this with all of your workout clothes, so you can just shove the roll into your bag when you pack it. Oh, and keep your workout shoes in the bag.

Before you get there, sign in to the workout on Wodify. This will make you accountable to those who see your smiling face when they check-in. (And hey, after your workout, make sure you check-in at the gym on Facebook, or post a pic to Instagram. The reaction you get from your friends will keep you coming.)

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